Secure PO Box Rental

PO Boxes
Our PO Box addresses are genuine Spanish addresses that can be used by local residents and that live in areas not serviced by delivery companies and the Spanish Postal Service, Correos. They can also be used by people who visit their second homes to maintain a presence in Spain.

You can receive post and parcels at your PO Box address and have them forwarded (fees apply)to you anywhere in the world, or you can call at The Post Shop Albox in person to collect your mail.

To purchase one of our Secure PO Boxes or if you require more information, please call into The Post Shop Albox or contact us.

This service is also available to businesses trading in Spain.

When opening a PO Box with us, you will need to provide the following:

  • Valid photo ID for each person receiving mail

  • Valid Email Address

  • Valid Mobile Phone Number

We take the privacy of our PO Box customers very seriously, we will never sell or share your information and we do not allow random mailshots.

PO Box Fees
1 Month (25.00€)*
6 Months (40.00€)*
12 Months (50.00€)*
(IVA Not Included)

*Key Charge 5€

Our PO Box Service and postal service allows people to travel and move freely around the globe without restriction and knowing that their mail is being safe received and handled.

If you have no fixed address, we can scan & email your post or keep it until you need it.

We can forward post/parcels to any location in the world by Offex mail or courier.

Mail can be forwarded as frequently as weekly or monthly.